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Designed to meet the needs of advanced hair-artists seeking ergonomic tools. Ultra-smooth ring-to-tip operation, flexible Japanese forged steel, ball-bearing tension system, and an anatomic double-swivel handle. This model is a must for those professionals looking for high-end swivel shears that will last a lifetime.

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Lefty, Righty


5.5", 6.5"

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  1. Rosa Ortiz

    The steel on this feels and looks high quality. Love the cuts with these

  2. David O’reily

    A little slow getting my package. Good quality over all.

  3. John O

    These are by far the best swivel I’ve used.

  4. Ryan Peacock

    Best swivels I’ve used!

  5. Elizabeth Moore

    I’ve been using sharkfins and it was time for me to update my shears. I came across this on Instagram and decided to give it a try. An oh my oh my. These cut so well and I’m never going back. Highly recommend these to anyone.

  6. Mia Noctern

    Best swivel shear I’ve came across.

  7. Kin Kang

    High quality shear

  8. Benji Miyota

    Amazing pair of shears.

  9. Quincy Rogers

    The shears came dull but after sharpening they are amazing to use. Great steel quality and mechanics. Maybe I got a dud but I give it only 3 star because I got them sharpened myself. Edit: I should have reached out to them before sharpening, they would have taken care of it.

  10. Cherry Abraham

    After using this I can’t use any of my other shears. These are just a delight to use.

  11. David O’reily

    A little slow getting my package. Good quality over all.

  12. Mathias Johnson

    Amazing! I love the revolvers

  13. Yuki Narumoto

    I got the set and they are very wonderfully made. Feels like an extension of yourself.

  14. Andrew Kent

    smooth operation and sharp blades. Couldn’t ask for more.

  15. Wesley J

    Quality swivel shear.

  16. Kendrick James

    These pair of shears are fly. Very samurai like with modern touches.

  17. Will Tse

    Great value for the quality of shears you get.

  18. Matt

    Clean, elegant. If I had one issue, I’d that the adjustment of tension is a bit tough with the recessed dial

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