“To provide every hairdresser & barber with the right tools to put their talents to use”

We have a passion for hairdressing and aim to provide a large array of scissors that give the freedom to explore your creativity. We aim to assist you to express yourself as a hairdresser with high-quality reliable scissors. We have designed an array to accommodate the needs of hairdressers with all levels of experience and for any hair type.

For our collection, we consider both performance and user experience. We acknowledge the strain hairdressing can have on wrists and it is our mission to make sure you experience the comfort needed to perform and succeed.

It is our mission to not only provide a product but allow you to make an informed decision on the tools that match your skills and preferences. By sourcing the right tools, we mean to support confident hairdressers to fulfil their potential.


“Your Passion, our Vision of success”

With the right tools the efforts of a hairdresser will pay off in the end result, but so does passion for the job. The beauty of the profession of a hairdresser lies creativity and freedom to explore, yet these require confidence and comfort to reach maximum potential. We see the right tools as an opportunity for any hairdresser to have the potential to excel and enjoy their profession in the palm of their hands. Your vision is our passion. Yet, the passion you have for your profession is at the core of our vision of success.